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Prepaid Calling Cards rates from United States

Pakistan 6.4

Islamabad 6.4

Karachi 6.4

Lahore 6.4

Pakistan - Cell 6.4

  • PIN delivered by email within seconds
  • Rechargeable PIN
  • No connection fee or additional taxes
  • Customer Service available 24/7

Prepaid Calling Cards FAQ's | Prepaid Long Distance FAQ's

Prepaid Calling Cards FAQ's

1. Once I purchase a phone card, how do I use it?
Once you purchase the calling card, you will receive an email with the PIN number, dialing instructions, a tool free access number and the customer service number. Call the toll-free access number, enter your PIN and then dial the destination number that you want to call.

2. How do you keep your rates so low?
CallingPak uses an end-to-end global network providing the lowest rates and best connection quality to anywhere in the world.

3. How do I determine what card is best for me?
CallingPak offers calling cards to almost all countries in Central and South America. To determine which card is right for you, select the country you will be calling from and the destination to which you will be calling. Our non connection fee prepaid calling cards are the best choice for shorter or longer calls, more frequent or rare phone calls to a particular destination. If you are calling a cellular destination then choose a card specifically for calling cellular phones.

4. What kind of credit card do you accept?
Our credit card processor accepts all major credit cards models including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

5. Does it matter whether I am calling from a cell phone or from a landline?
It does not matter what type of phone you are using. However, when using a cellular phone, regular airtime charges will apply as per your contract with your cellular provider.

6. Is my online transaction secure?
Yes. All online transactions at CallingPak are handled with the industry standard 56-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential and that your order remains secure.

7. What is your return/exchange policy?
CallingPak will be happy to exchange any unused phone card for a different phone card of equal value.

8. Do I have an expiration date?
No. CallingPak provides only rechargeable calling cards that have PINs that do not have an expiration date.

9. Do I need to enable cookies on my computer in order to use CallingPak?
Yes. The cookies function must be enabled on your computer in order for you to place an order on CallingPak.
To enable cookies on your computer:
1. Go to Tools on the Toolbar at the top of your screen
2. Select Internet Options
3. Click on the Security tab
4. Select Default Level 5. Should automatically default to "Medium" level
6. Hit Apply

10. If I buy a card for a specific country, can I use it to call other countries as well?
Yes. You can use your calling card to call other international destinations, but your rates will vary.

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