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Calling Cards rates
from US to

Pakistan 6.4

Islamabad 6.4

Karachi 6.4

Lahore 6.4

Pakistan - Cell 6.4

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It's very easy nowadays to lose track of far away friends and relatives in Pakistan. This distance does not have to keep you from staying close to the people you care about. Calling is dedicated to provide you prepaid calling cards for calling Pakistan to maintain long-distance relationships with friends and family. provides phone cards and calling cards for calling Pakistan which are specially designed for both domestic calls and international calls to Pakistan, providing the highest quality and connectivity on the market.

Forget the overpriced solutions offered by other calling cards providers and make inexpensive international calls to Pakistan. We offer you instant connections and customer support all the way.

Long Distance rates
from US to

Pakistan 7.4

Islamabad 7.4

Karachi 7.4

Lahore 7.4

Pakistan - Cell 6.9

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Prepaid Calling Cards
Unique Features
Your needs are probably very different from everyone else's and that is we provide the prepaid calling cards to Pakistan that will make the difference in your monthly budget. Search the lowest rates to any Pakistan destination, pick out the Prepaid Calling Card that you need, complete your order; you will receive the PIN with which you can call Pakistan instantly! It's your time to choose the card that suits best your needs!
  • PIN delivered by email within seconds
  • Rechargeable PIN
  • No connection fee or additional taxes
  • Customer Service available 24/7
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Hello Pakistan
Calling Card


312 minutes - $20.00
624 minutes - $40.00
780 minutes - $50.00
Prepaid Long Distance
Excellent Advantages offers Prepaid Long Distance Plans for calling Pakistan destinations at affordable prices allowing you to budget your calling needs. Call your friends, family, or business partners in seconds. Order your Pakistan Prepaid Long Distance Plan and start using it right now, instantly!
  • No PIN required
  • Instant & Automatic recharge available
  • Works from anywhere
  • Low rates to Pakistan
  • 10% discount for the first purchase

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